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  1. 2019
    Journal Article
    Hankir, M. K., Rullmann, M., Seyfried, F., Preusser, S., Poppitz, S., Heba, S., … Pleger, B. (2019). Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery progressively alters radiologic measures of hypothalamic inflammation in obese patients. JCI Insight, 4. doi:10.1172/jci.insight.131329
  2. Journal Article
    Reinelt, J., Uhlig, M., Mueller, K., Lauckner, M., Kumral, D., Schaare, H. L., … Gaebler, M. (2019). Acute psychosocial stress alters thalamic network centrality. NeuroImage, 199, 680–690.
  3. Journal Article
    Rullmann, M., Preusser, S., Poppitz, S., Heba, S., Gousias, K., Hoyer, J., … Pleger, B. (2019). Adiposity related brain plasticity induced by bariatric surgery. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 13. doi:10.3389/fnhum.2019.00290
  4. Journal Article
    Albrecht, F., Mueller, K., Ballarini, T., Lampe, L., Diehl-Schmid, J., Fassbender, K., … Schroeter, M. L. (2019). Unraveling corticobasal syndrome and alien limb syndrome with structural brain imaging. Cortex, 117, 33–40.
  5. Journal Article
    Zsido, R., Heinrich, M., Slavich, G. M., Beyer, F., Kharabian, S., Kratzsch, J., … Sacher, J. (2019). Association of estradiol and visceral fat with structural brain networks and memory performance in adults. JAMA Network Open, 2. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2019.6126
  6. Journal Article
    Mueller, K., Jech, R., Ballarini, T., Holiga, Š., Růžička, F., Piecha, F., … Schroeter, M. L. (2019). Modulatory effects of levodopa on cerebellar connectivity in Parkinson’s disease. The Cerebellum, 18, 212–224.
  7. Journal Article
    Bezdicek, O., Ballarini, T., Buschke, H., Růžička, F., Roth, J., Albrecht, F., … Jech, R. (2019). Memory impairment in Parkinson's disease: The retrieval versus associative deficit hypothesis revisited and reconciled. Neuropsychology, 33, 391–405.
  8. Journal Article
    Schaare, H. L., Kharabian, S., Beyer, F., Kumral, D., Uhlig, M., Reinelt, J., … Villringer, A. (2019). Association of peripheral blood pressure with gray matter volume in 19- to 40-year-old adults. Neurology, 92, e758–e773.
  9. Journal Article
    Macedonia, M., Repetto, C., Ischebeck, A., & Mueller, K. (2019). Depth of encoding through observed gestures in foreign language word learning. Frontiers in Psychology, 10. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2019.00033
  10. Journal Article
    Meyer, S., Mueller, K., Gruenewald, C., Grundl, K., Marschhauser, A., Tiepolt, S., … Schroeter, M. L. (2019). Citalopram improves obsessive-compulsive crossword puzzling in frontotemporal dementia. Case Reports in Neurology, 11, 94–105.
  11. Journal Article
    Mueller, K., Urgosik, D., Ballarini, T., Holiga, Š., Möller, H. E., Růžička, F., … Jech, R. Differential effects of deep brain stimulation and levodopa treatment on brain activity change in Parkinson’s disease. Brain Communications. Retrieved from
  12. Journal Article
    Mueller, K., Thiel , F., Beutner, F., Teren, A., Ballarini, T., Möller, H. E., … Schroeter, M. L. Brain change with heart failure: Cardiac biomarker alterations and gray matter decline. Circulation Research. Retrieved from
  13. Journal Article
    Püschel, J., Miehle, K., Mueller, K., Villringer, A., Stumvoll, M., Fasshauer, M., & Schlögl, H. (2019). Beneficial effects of leptin substitution on impaired eating behavior in lipodystrophy are sustained beyond 150 weeks of treatment. Cytokine, 113, 400–404.
  14. 2018
    Journal Article
    Ballarini, T., Mueller, K., Albrecht, F., Růžička, F., Bezdicek, O., Růžička, E., … Schroeter, M. L. (2018). Regional gray matter changes and age predict individual treatment response in Parkinson's disease. NeuroImage: Clinical, 21. doi:10.1016/j.nicl.2018.101636
  15. Journal Article
    Fečíková, A., Jech, R., Čejka, V., Čapek, V., Šťastná, D., Štětkářová, I., … Růžička, F. (2018). Benefits of pallidal stimulation in dystonia are linked to cerebellar volume and cortical inhibition. Scientific Reports, 8. doi:10.1038/s41598-018-34880-z
  16. Journal Article
    Lohmann, G., Stelzer, J., Lacosse, E., Kumar, V. J., Mueller, K., Kuehn, E., … Scheffler , K. (2018). LISA improves statistical analysis for fMRI. Nature Communications, 9. doi:10.1038/s41467-018-06304-z
  17. Journal Article
    Ballarini, T., Růžička, F., Bezdicek, O., Růžička, E., Roth, J., Villringer, A., … Jech, R. (2018). Unraveling connectivity changes due to dopaminergic therapy in chronically treated Parkinson’s disease patients. Scientific Reports, 8. doi:10.1038/s41598-018-31988-0
  18. Journal Article
    Weicker, J., Hudl, N., Frisch, S., Lepsien, J., Mueller, K., Villringer, A., & Thöne-Otto, A. I. T. (2018). WOME: Theory-based working memory training - A placebo-controlled, double-blind evaluation in older adults. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 10. doi:10.3389/fnagi.2018.00247
  19. Journal Article
    Rullmann, M., Preusser, S., Poppitz, S., Heba, S., Hoyer, J., Schütz, T., … Pleger, B. (2018). Gastric-bypass surgery induced widespread neural plasticity of the obese human brain. NeuroImage, 172, 853–863.
  20. Journal Article
    Mueller, K., Jech, R., Růžička, F., Holiga, Š., Ballarini, T., Bezdicek, O., … Urgošík, D. (2018). Brain connectivity changes when comparing effects of subthalamic deep brain stimulation with levodopa treatment in Parkinson's disease. NeuroImage: Clinical, 19, 1025–1035.
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