PhD Programme

The IMPRS NeuroCom is a PhD programme and offers its students an outstanding interdisciplinary three year training with the aim of providing multidisciplinary training in both cognitive science and neuroscientific methodologies. For this purpose, faculty members with diverse backgrounds,‭ ‬for example,‭ ‬neurobiologists,‭ ‬neuropsychologists,‭ cognitive scientists,‭ ‬medical researchers, computer scientists,‭ ‬physicists to name but a few, are involved in both the teaching and supervision of the doctoral students as they complete their PhDs. Students who complete the doctoral programme will have the ability to communicate across these diverse disciplines,‭ ‬and‭ ‬will be‭ ‬able‭ ‬to start a successful career in neuroscience research and beyond.

Fundamental knowledge covering all four modules is imparted in the form of lectures, courses, and seminars run at the MPIs and the University of Leipzig. In addition, research and work is organized around various series of colloquia, annual summer schools, which take place in Leipzig or London, and final-year exchange programmes. The teaching and supervision language at the IMPRS NeuroCom is English.‭

Key Features

  • 3-year doctoral programme
  • structured curriculum
  • excellent research conditions
  • close collaboration with supervisors
  • financial support
  • English as working language
  • international and interdisciplinary learning and working environment
  • no tuition fees

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