Dr. Veronika Krieghoff
Dr. Veronika Krieghoff
Scientific co-ordinator IMPRS NeuroCom

Phone: +49 341 9940-2261
Fax: +49 341 9940-2221


General Information

The IMPRS NeuroCom aims to recruit and educate excellent young scientists from all over the world who wish to extend their knowledge and research experience in a structured and demanding graduate programme, in order to pursue a successful career in cognitive neuroscience. The school is intended for students holding a very good Master's (or qualified equivalent) degree in the interdisciplinary field of cognitive neuroscience that includes a minimum of four years of academic training awarded by an internationally recognized university-level institution.

For applicants to be successful, research experience is essential. IMPRS faculty members evaluate the applications. Interview selection is based on academic qualifications, personal references, recommendation, research experience and interests, and suitability to the programme.

The call for applications usually opens in September and closes in December. Afterwards applications will be assessed and invitations for interviews will be send out in February. The interviews will take place in March. The starting date of the programme is flexible, but usually new IMPRS PhD students start in October.

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