Opening a German Bank Account

Opening a German Bank Account

The most common form of a bank account in Germany is a “Girokonto”. Banking services differ greatly as do the fees banks charge, so it’s worth to compare them beforehand. We are pleased to arrange an appointment with an English speaking bank employee for you.

Documents required to open an account usually include:

  • passport (and copy),
  • proof of residence in Leipzig, and
  • confirmation of working contract/scholarship

We recommend opening a bank account at any of the following banks:

Commerzbank AG

Thomaskirchhof 22, 04109 Leipzig
Phone: (0341) 1240

Goethestr. 3-5, 04109 Leipzig
Phone: (0341) 1243900

Deutsche Bank AG

Martin-Luther-Ring 2, 04109 Leipzig
Phone: (0341) 1200


Hainstraße, 04109 Leipzig
Phone: (0341) 986 60

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