Theses Supervision and Thesis Committee

With the start of the thesis, a Thesis Committee is assembled, which is composed of the supervisor(s) and two advisors. The supervisor and the doctoral student decide jointly on the IMPRS Faculty members to act as advisors. The thesis committee meets at least once per year to monitor and evaluate the progress of the research project, and to ensure that a high-quality thesis is completed within the given time. It formulates recommendations for the continuation of the project, and identifies required skills to be learned in additional required training courses. Apart from meetings, the student can approach their advisors at any time.


The supervisor performs the scientific function of supervising the PhD project with regard to its contents. Students carry out their research work in the supervisor’s laboratory and discuss and present their work in meetings with the supervisor, as well as in their research group meetings on a regular basis.


The function of the advisors is to support the PhD project by giving academic counselling and advice. The advisors may be approached if there are problems regarding either the project or the supervision of the student. The advisors are expected to ensure a good standard of supervision, as well as a satisfactory student performance - that is to say, they embody a “safety net” for both the students and the school.

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