Publications of Stefan Vogt

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Hecht, H., Vogt, S., & Prinz, W. (2001). Motor learning enhances perceptual judgment: A case for action-perception transfer. Psychological Research, 65, 3–14.
Journal Article
Vogt, S. (1995). On relations between perceiving, imagining and performing in the learning of cyclical movement sequences. British Journal of Psychology, 86, 191–216.
Journal Article
Vogt, S. (1994). Imagery Needs Preparation, Too. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 17, 226–227.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Prinz, W., Aschersleben, G., Hommel, B., & Vogt, S. (1995). Handlungen als Ereignisse. In D. Dörner & E. van der Meer (Eds.), Das Gedächtnis. Trends, Probleme, Perspektiven (pp. S. 129–168). Göttingen: Hogrefe.

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
Dukart, J., Müller, K., Horstmann, A., Vogt, S., Barthel, H., Becker, G., … Schroeter, M. L. (2009). Differential effects of global and cerebellar normalization on detection and differentiation of dementia in FDG-PET studies. In NeuroImage (Vol. 47, p. 112).

Poster (1)

Vogt, S., Prinz, W., Drum, P., Jost, R., Stürmer, B., & Westram, R. Imitation of sequential and spatial patterns. Poster presented at the International Conference on Working Memory, Cambridge UK. Retrieved from
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