Publications of Hanna Schleihauf

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Journal Article
Schleihauf, H.; Hoehl, S.; Tsvetkova, N.; König, A.; Mombaur, K.; Pauen, S.: Preschoolers’ motivation to over‐imitate humans and robots. Child Development (2020)
Journal Article
Hoehl, S.; Keupp, S.; Schleihauf, H.; McGuigan, N.; Buttelmann, D.; Whiten, A.: "Over-imitation": A review and appraisal of a decade of research. Developmental Review 51, pp. 90 - 108 (2019)
Journal Article
Schleihauf, H.; Graetz, S.; Pauen, S.; Hoehl, S.: Contrasting social and cognitive accounts on overimitation: The role of causal transparency and prior experiences. Child Development 89 (3), pp. 1039 - 1055 (2018)
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