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IMPRS NeuroCom Lecture Series "Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging"

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IMPRS NeuroCom Lecture Series "Neuroplasticity"

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IMPRS NeuroCom
This 3-day hands-on workshop will build on the Matlab I workshop and will cover a wide variety of intermediate/advanced topics. After starting with a brief repetition of the basics (in order to bring everyone up to speed), we will spend a large amount of time on how to write (and debug) more complex pieces of code, using Matlab functions. We will also cover many topics that can be helpful during research projects, such as i) integrating Matlab with other tools (Bash, R, Python), ii) data visualization, iii) using regular expressions for filtering text, iv) using different data types, and - if time permits - v) graphical user interfaces. Finally, we will spend a lot of time on data processing and analysis. [more]
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