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Journal Article
Asano , R.; Bornus, P.; Craft, J. T.; Dolscheid, S.; Faber, S. E. M.; Haase, V.; Heimerich, M.; Kopparti, R.; Lobben, M.; Osawa, A. M. et al.; Oudyk, K.; Trettenbrein, P.; Varelmann, T.; Wehrle, S.; Ya, R.; Grice, M.; Vogeley, K.: Spring school on language, music, and cognition: Organizing events in time. Music & Science 1, pp. 1 - 17 (2018)

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Newspaper Article
Trettenbrein, P.: Lives in language: Eric Heinz Lenneberg (1921–1975). Babel: The Language Magazine (22) (2018)
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