Publications of Ruxue Gong

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Journal Article
Gast, R., Gong, R., Schmidt, H., Meijer, H. G. E., & Knösche, T. R. (2021). On the role of arkypallidal and prototypical neurons for phase transitions in the external pallidum. The Journal of Neuroscience, 41, 6673–6683.
Journal Article
Peng, X., Wu, X., Gong, R., Yang, R., Wang, X., Zhu, W., & Lin, P. (2021). Sub-regional anterior cingulate cortex functional connectivity revealed default network subsystem dysfunction in patients with major depressive disorder. Psychological Medicine, 51, 1687–1695.
Journal Article
Gong, R., Wegscheider, M., Mühlberg, C., Gast, R., Fricke, C., Rumpf, J.-J., … Classen, J. (2021). Spatiotemporal features of β-γ phase-amplitude coupling in Parkinson’s disease derived from scalp EEG. Brain, 144, 487–503.
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