Publications of Toshia Murai

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Journal Article
Murai, T., Barthel, H., Berrouschot, J., Sorger, D., von Cramon, D. Y., & Müller, U. (2003). Neuroimaging of serotonin transporters in post-stroke pathological crying. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 123, 207–211.
Journal Article
Murai, T., Müller, U., Werheid, K., Sorger, D., Reuter, M., Becker, T., … Barthel, H. (2001). In vivo evidence for differential association of striatal dopamine and midbrain serotonin systems with neuropsychiatric symptoms in Parkinson's disease. Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 13, 222–228.
Journal Article
Barthel, H., Müller, U., Wächter, T., Slomka, P., Dannenberg, C., Murai, T., … Georgi, P. (2000). Multimodale SPECT- und MRT-Bilddatenanalyse zur Verbesserung der Diagnostik des idiopathischen Parkinson-Syndroms. Radiologe, 40, 863–869.
Journal Article
Kubota, Y., Sato, W., Murai, T., Toichi, M., Ikeda, A., & Sengoku, A. (2000). Emotional cognition without awareness after unilateral temporal lobectomy in humans. The Journal of Neuroscience, 20. Retrieved from
Journal Article
Murai, T., Kubota, Y., & Sengoku, A. (2000). Unknown people believed to be known: The 'assoziierende Erinnerungs- fälschungen' by Kraepelin. Psychopathology, 33, 52–54.
Journal Article
Müller, U., Murai, T., Bauer-Wittmund, T., & von Cramon, D. Y. (1999). Paroxetine versus citalopram treatment of pathological crying after brain injury. Brain Injury, 13, 805–811.
Journal Article
Murai, T., & Müller, U. (1998). Pathological crying / laughing: From James-Lange hypthesis to serotonin hypothesis. Brain Science and Mental Disorders, 9, 301–304.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Murai, T., Hadano, K., & Hamanaka, T. (2002). Current issues in neuropsychological assessment in Japan. In G. Zybatow (Ed.), Minority and Cross-Cultural Aspects of Neuropsychological Assessment (pp. 99–127). Frankfurt am Main: Swets & Zeitlinger.
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