Faculty member

Dr Gesa Hartwigsen
Phone:+49 341 9940-162

Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences


Research Interests

Multimodal investigations of networks for different language functions with TMS, fMRI and EEG. Adaptive plasticity and functional interactions in the healthy and lesioned language system.

Available PhD projects

The 'modulation of language networks' group focusses on the modulation of networks for language production and comprehension with non-invasive brain stimulation. New PhD students are welcome to support our team in the following main lines of research.

  1. Multifocal TMS applications. TMS is applied over different language nodes to probe the functional interaction between these regions during various language tasks.
  2. Modulation of language specific brain oscillations with TMS. We use simultaneous TMS-EEG to map TMS-induced changes in different brain states during language processing.

  3. Adaptive plasticity in the healthy language system. TMS and fMRI are combined to investigate how a focal perturbation changes neural activity and connectivity on the network level.

  4. Plasticity in the reorganized language network. In this project, we combine TMS and fMRI to investigate language functions in patients with post-stroke aphasia. This project is conducted in close interaction with the Department of Neurology at the UKL.

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