Room: Charlotte Buehler Room (C402)
This 3-day hands-on workshop will build on the previous R workshop and will largely deal with statistics. After starting with a brief repetition of the basics (in order to bring everyone up to speed), we will lay the foundation for reproducible analyses with RStudio by looking at how to organize code across multiple projects, how to have both code and explanatory text in one file, and how to use version control (if everyone is familiar with git/github). We will then spend some time on creating publication-ready graphics with ggplot2 and start with the basic building blocks of statistical inference, also learning how to simulate data in a very simple way. The largest part of the workshop will then tackle the following topics: i) assumptions of parametric tests, ii) correlation, iii) regression, iv) comparing means, v) bootstrapping, and vi) exploratory data analysis; for each topic we will move from the theory and the most basic implementation to more complex approaches. [more]

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