In the afternoon of 27 June 2023 each participant has the possibility to attend a workshop. Please choose from the workshops listed your first and second preference. There is a limited number of participants for each workshop. Places will be allocated on a first come, first serve principle. However, for each participant a spot in a workshop is guaranteed.


Workshop Number




Workshop 1

Prof. Dr Thomas R. Knoesche, Dr Konstantin Weise, & Ole Numssen

Smart TMS mapping - novel approaches to mapping and modeling

Seminar Room Charlotte Buehler (C402)

Workshop 2

Dr Simone Vigano

Grid-analyses: Approaches and implementations

John O’Kneefe Room (A311)

Workshop 3

Dr Nico Scherf

Principles of Data Visualization

Seminar Room Dorothea Erxleben (C004)

Workshop 4

Dr Vadim Nikulin and Dr Lars Meyer

Promises, Practices and Pitfalls of Current M/EEG Analysis Techniques

Computer Training Room (A412)

Workshop 5

Dr Philipp Kuhnke and Matteo Ferrante

TMS workshop with theoretical and practical part

Lecture Hall (C101)

Workshop 6

Prof. Dr Martin Hebart

Deep learning for modeling the visual system


Workshop 7

Dr Sofie Valk

Surface-based modelling of brain organisation

Wilhelm Wundt Room

Workshop 8

Members of RG Pain perception

Pain processing


Workshop 9

Prof. Dr Hellmuth Obrig

Lesions in the Language Network. Clinical and Scientific Challenges.

Day Clinic of Neurology

Workshop 10

Dr Robert Trampel & Prof. Dr Nik Weiskopf

From protons to segmentation of neuroanatomical structures- Hands on 7T

Felix Bloch Room (C106)




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