In the afternoon of 27 June 2023 each participant has the possibility to attend a workshop. Please choose from the workshops listed your first and second preference. There is a limited number of participants for each workshop. Places will be allocated on a first come, first serve principle. However, for each participant a spot in a workshop is guaranteed.


Workshop 1

Prof. Dr Thomas Knoesche

Workshop 2


Workshop 3

Dr Nico Scherf

Workshop 4

Dr Vadim Nikulin and Dr Lars Meyer

Workshop 5

Dr Philipp Kuhnke and Matteo Ferrante

Workshop 6

Prof. Dr Martin Hebart

Workshop 7

Dr Sofie Valk

Presentation and explaination of:

BrainSpace is a lightweight cross-platform toolbox primarily intended for macroscale gradient mapping and analysis of neuroimaging and connectome level data. The current version of BrainSpace is available in Python and MATLAB, programming languages widely used by the neuroimaging and network neuroscience communities. The toolbox also contains several maps that allow for exploratory analysis of gradient correspondence with other brain-derived features, together with tools to generate spatial null models.

Workshop 8

Members of RG Pain perception

Workshop 9

Prof. Dr Hellmuth Obrig

Workshop 10

Dr Robert Trampel & Prof. Dr Nik Weiskopf




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