Publications of Henrik Marschner

Poster (8)

Müller, R., Pampel, A., Mildner, T., Marschner, H., & Möller, H. E. A transceive RF coil for imaging tissue specimen at 3T based on PCB design. Poster presented at the ISMRM 21st Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Salt Lake City, UT, USA. Retrieved from

Thesis - Diploma (1)

Thesis - Diploma
Marschner, H. (2013, February 18). Quantitative Analyse des Magnetisierungstransfers in postmortalem Gehirngewebe (Diploma Thesis). Retrieved from

Patent (1)

Marschner, H., Pampel, A., & Möller, H. E. (2019, April 2). Method and device for magnetic resonance imaging with improved sensitivity by noise reduction. München: Europäisches Patentamt. Retrieved from
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