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  1. 2019
    Journal Article
    Babayan, A., Erbey, M., Kumral, D., Reinelt, J., Reiter, A., Röbbig, J., … Villringer, A. (2019). A mind-brain-body dataset of MRI, EEG, cognition, emotion, and peripheral physiology in young and old adults. Scientific Data, 6. doi:10.1038/sdata.2018.308

Poster (1)

  1. 2019
    Molloy, E., Mueller, K., Sehm, B., Kanaan, A. S., Pampel, A., Steele, C., … Sacher, J. Serotonergic modulation of behavioural and neural responses during motor learning. 2019 OHBM Proceedings. Rome, Italy. Retrieved from
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