Faculty member

Research Interests

Recently, one of the most exciting research areas has been defined: Cognitive neuropsychiatry. This framework aims to explain clinical characteristics of neuropsychiatric disorders in terms of deficits to normal cognitive mechanisms and to link these deficits to brain structures. I was trained as a psychiatrist and philosopher and I am fascinated by this conceptual approach. Accordingly, our research group (http://www.cbs.mpg.de/departments/neurology/cognitive-neuropsychiatry) focusses on neuropsychiatric diseases such as dementia syndromes, depression and schizophrenia to identify their neural correlates and facilitate new treatment approaches. Further information is available at PubMed (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=schroeter+ml).

Available PhD projects

Current PhD projects use imaging techniques such as MRI and PET in combination with biomarkers from cerebrospinal fluid, blood and genetics, and cutting-edge pattern recognition algorithms to understand and predict neurodegenerative diseases. Moreover, meta-analytic techniques are applied.

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