Faculty member

Prof. Marc Schönwiesner

Research Interests

We investigate the how sensory information is encoded in the auditory cortex by performing comparable experiments with high-resolution fMRI in humans and system-level optical imaging in mice.

Available PhD projects

  1. In the research axis on spatial hearing in humans, we are looking for PhD students to work with a virtual reality system based on the Occulus Rift and a large 50-channel spherical loudspeaker array to investigate how people hear in complex auditory scenes and the brain adapts to changes in sound input.

  2. In the parallel animal research axis, we are looking for PhD students to use epifluorescence and 2-photon imaging of auditory cortex in mice to investigate the encoding of auditory spatial cues.

  3. In a research axis with colleagues at the Department for Psychology we look for PhD students to study predictive coding in the auditory system of humans and mice, in particular interactions between motor and  auditory cortex.

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