Faculty member

Research interests

Our research topic concerns the investigation of electronic properties of solids with magnetic resonance. We use and advance magnetic resonance techniques to obtain unique insight into the electronic and chemical structure of materials including host-guest interactions.

Available PhD projects

We are interested in various areas of research that includes magnetic resonance techniques. One very important area is the understanding of high-temperature superconductors or topological materials. Furthermore, we are world-leading in NMR under extreme pressures. Besides temperature, pressure is an important parameter that influences the properties of solids and lets us access new structural information. We also work on exploiting the area of NMR in pulsed magnetic fields where extremely high magnetic fields are possible, although only for short times. Besides these topics we work in the area of high-resolution solid-state NMR of materials, electron spin resonance, and NMR diffusion with focus on, e.g., porous materials with chemical applications.

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