Main Focus

I'm a cognitive neuroscientist in training, interested in how our brain analyses incoming linguistic information and combines it into complex and rich representations.

Curriculum Vitae

2017 - Present: PhD student
    Supervisors: Prof Dr Angela D. Friederici and Dr Emiliano Zaccarella

2013 - 2015: Master's Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology (with honors)

    University of Padova
    Thesis supervisor: Prof Antonino Vallesi and Dr Giorgio Fuggetta
    Thesis: The role of the posterior parietal cortex in a visual short-term memory task: a combined
                EEG-tDCS study

2010 - 2013: Bachelor's Degree in Cognitive Psychology and Psychobiology (with honors)

    University of Padova
    Thesis supervisor: Prof Konstantinos Priftis
    Thesis: Three disorders following frontal brain damage: imitation behaviour, utilization
                behaviour and environmental dependency syndrome


    2016 - 2017: One-year internship at MEG and Neurophysiology Lab, San Camillo Hospital, Venice
        Supervisor: Dr Giorgio Arcara 

    2016: Six-month internship at University of Glasgow
        Supervisor: Dr Peter Uhlhaas

    2015: Six-month internship at University of Leicester
        Supervisor: Dr Giorgio Fuggetta 

    2012 - 2013: Internship in a non-profit organization working with children with Autism Spectrum

Scientific committee

Member of the organizing committee of the Leipzig Lectures on Language, Max Planck Institute for
    Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences Leipzig (2021)

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