In the afternoon of 17 June 2019 each participant has the opportunity to attend a workshop. Please choose from the workshops listed below your first and second preference. There is a limited number of participants in each workshop. Places will be allocated on first come, first serve principle. However, for each participant a place in workshop is guaranteed.

Workshop Number Workshop Title Workshop Leader
1 MR Spectroscopy H.Moeller & A.Pampel
2 Model-based fMRI M. Garvert, M. Kim, &  J. Bellmund
3 Career Opportunities in Psychoneuroendocrinology B. Derntl, I. Sundström PoromaaV. Frokjaer, V. Engert, B. Pletzer, R. Shansky, A. O'Donovan, R. Herringa, J. Sacher.
4 Hands-on Pyrates T.Knoesche, R. Gast, D.Rose
5 EEG Research: Basics, pitfalls, and hands-on analysis L. Meyer & V. Nikulin
6 Hands-on TMS workshop

P. Kuhnke, O. Numssen, A. Rysop, & S. van der Burght

7 Introduction to Brain Computer Interfaces R. Lorenz & A. Grigoryan
8 Aspects of clinical research using optical and magnetic resonance imaging H.Obrig
9 Pain perception RG "Pain Perception"
10 Hands-on anatomical and functional MRI N. Weiskopf & R. Trampel
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