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Research Interests

Our research topic concerns explorations of molecular transport in heterogeneous materials. We use different magnetic resonance methods, including field gradient technique of NMR, to establish the relationships between structural properties of these materials and dynamics of guest species. 

Available PhD projects

We are interested in various areas of research that include magnetic resonance techniques. One important focus is on the understanding how structural organization of heterogeneous materials (porous solids, soft matter systems, biological tissues) determines molecular transport over broad range of length scales. As the main experimental techniques, pulsed field gradient NMR with extremely high magnetic field gradients is used to explore diffusion with the highest possible dynamic resolution. The challenging point here is to convert the NMR measurable, which besides purely structural properties may further be influenced by the magnetic field inhomogeneities induced by, e.g., paramagnetic impurities, into the structural information. We address the problem (i) by advancing the experimental methodologies, (ii) by using model host materials with controlled properties, such as degree of anisotropy, concentration of paramagnetic particles, and (iii) by applying advanced theoretical approaches. The microscopic understanding gained using a combination of NMR relaxometry and advanced gradient NMR techniques is going to be scaled up to provide better description of MRI contrasts, in particular obtained using Connectom scanner.

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