Faculty member

Research Interests

We are interested in understanding functional implications of large-scale spatio-temporal neuronal complexity in the human brain. The main emphasis is on the investigation of neuronal dynamics unfolding at different temporal and spatial scales as well on the interactions between local and global neuronal processes. For this we mainly use EEG, MEG and TMS.


Available PhD projects

1. Ongoing neuronal oscillations as one of the main factors shaping performance in sensory, motor and cognitive tasks. For this we will investigate a relationship between pre-stimulus oscillations (amplitude, phase, connectivity) and the following task performance.

2. Relevance of the critical neuronal dynamics for the task performance. This will be done by investigating criticality in both ongoing oscillations and evoked responses.

3. Cross-frequency neuronal interactions as the basis for efficient communication between distributed neuronal populations. In this project we will explore the relevance of amplitude-amplitude and phase-phase interactions for the performance in cognitive and motor tasks.

4. Brain-Computer Interface and Neurofeedback. Application for healthy subjects and patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders.    

5. Development of the novel multivariate techniques for the analysis of multichannel EEG/MEG data.

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