Matlab for Advanced Users

Scientific Course

  • Start: Jul 14, 2021 10:00
  • End: Jul 16, 2021 15:00
  • Speaker: Dr Falk Eippert
  • Location: Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
  • Room: Computer Training Room, A412
  • Host: International Max Planck Research School on Neuroscience of Communication: Function, Structure, and Plasticity (IMPRS NeuroCom)
  • Contact:

This 3-day hands-on workshop will build on the Matlab I workshop and will cover a wide variety of topics. After starting with a very brief repetition of the basics, we will spend a large amount of time on how to write (and debug) more complex pieces of code, using functions. If time permits, we will also cover some of the following topics that can be helpful during typical research projects: i) using regular expressions for filtering text, ii) using different data types, iii) integrating Matlab with other tools, v) interacting graphically with a user, and vi) data visualization. Finally, we will spend a lot of time on data processing and analysis.

Registration for this course will open in early May 2021.

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