Faculty member

Prof. Ulrich Hegerl
Phone:+49 341 9724-530

University of Leipzig


Research Interests

  1. Psychological and neurobiological aspects of psychiatric disorders, with special emphasis on affective disorders.

  2. Assessing brain function (e.g. regulation of arousal) using EEG source analysis

  3. E-health in affective disorders and prevention of suicidality

Prof. Ulrich Hegerl, Director of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Leipzig, is a specialist in the field biological psychiatry. His research interests include arousal regulation in affective disorders and ADHD, diagnosis and therapy of uni- and bipolar affective disorders, E-health and internet-based self-management of depression, suicide prevention, mild cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer’s disease. He is president of the German Depression Foundation, the coordinator of the German competence network “Depression / Suicidality”, of the German Alliance Against Depression and of three large European projects targeting depression and suicidality (www.ospi-europe.com, www.predi-nu.eu, www.eaad.net). Methods applied in Prof. Hegerl’s group include EEG and actigraphy, ecological momentary assessment, as well as brain imaging techniques such as sMRI, fMRI, PET, DTI.

Available PhD projects

Not applicable at the moment

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