Faculty member

Prof. Tania Singer
currently on sabbatical leave
Phone:+49 341 9940-149

Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences


Research Interests

The Department of Social Neuroscience investigates the foundations, development and plasticity of human social cognition and behaviour. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, we study the effects of mental training programs on the plasticity of brain, behavior and health, as well as the neural, hormonal, developmental and behavioural foundations of human social cognition and social emotions such as empathy and compassion. Other topics are to understand the mechanisms that underlie impairments in social and affective behaviour in patient populations, and how social neuroscience can help formulate new models of human economic decision making to move towards a more caring economy.

Available PhD projects

We are currently performing research in 4 major research topics. We are always inviting applications for PhD positions in one of the following areas of Social Neuroscience

  • Foundations of Human Sociality & Neuroeconomics

  • Developmental Social Neuroscience

  • Plasticity of the Social Brain

  • Psychopathology of the Social Brain

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