Python Workshop

IMPRS NeuroCom

  • Start: Jun 17, 2020
  • End: Jun 19, 2020
  • Speaker: Dr Ian Charest
  • Host: IMPRS Coordination
  • Contact:


The course will cover the basics of cognitive neuroscience in Python, and some advanced topics. On the first day, students will learn python basics: 

1. working environments (docker, singularity, virtualenv).

2. python basics.

3. python packages.

4. introduction to numpy and nibabel.

These concepts will lead on to the second day, where a focus will be placed on:

1. pre-processing of fMRI data (e.g. using fMRIprep).

2. pre-processing of MEG/EEG data (e.g. using MNE-Python).

3. standard analyses of fMRI and MEG data using nistats.

4. Data-denoising using pyGLMdenoise.

Finally, on the third day, students will learn advanced techniques applied to MEG and fMRI data:

1. introduction to machine learning in cognitive neuroscience

2. basics of nilearn

3. introduction to pyrsa

4. introduction to pySearchlight

This will provide students with an overview of basic and advanced techniques for cognitive neuroscience in Python. We will be providing lectures in the morning and exercises in the afternoon, with breakout rooms for students to ask questions to the module leaders. At the end of each day, students will be given the opportunity to translate their new knowledge to their own datasets and gather feedback from the module leaders.

The students will need access to a good quality laptop or desktop computer, and a stable internet connection.

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